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Advantages of an Online Fax Service

Very inexpensive: Most services are less than $10/ month, and online fax services do not require the expense of a fixed landline.

No extra hardware: Online fax services work through your browser and email (and, in a few cases downloadable software), but none of them require additional hardware. Scanning papers that need to be faxed can be done using a smartphone camera, if you don’t already have a scanner.

Mobile: Because faxes are received through email, you will be able to receive the fax anywhere you can read your email.

More secure: You don’t have to worry about a fax coming in and the wrong person picking it up off the machine.

Paperless: Because the sending and receiving process for online fax services is digital, there is no need to waste paper unnecessarily.

Maintenace Free: All the online fax services on FaxPrices are updated and maintained by the service providers. When features are added or issues arise, the service provider can update your account without having to involve IT professionals

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