How to Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine

Aug 23, 2016




There’s probably something that you don’t know about fax machines. For starters how they work and why they are so convenient. According to how to geek, fax was invented before the internet, which makes sense why people don’t use it as much, its more from the older generation. But in terms of how they work, To complete a fax is quiet simple. First you type up a document, print it out, and then scan it into the fax machine. This sends it above the phone line. The person on the other end receiving the fax may then scan the faxed document and revolve it back into a digital report. Seems pretty secure right? Wrong! If a certain person is probing through the phone line they can simply interrupt all the faxed documents. That would be a bummer.  So what is the solution to all this? Sending faxes online versus with a fax machine.

When sending and receiving faxes online there are things to consider. What fax service you want to go with and what kind of user you are. Are you one that will be sending a lot of faxes, because you work for a reputable business company or are you just a casual user. Isn’t it great when technology can work around your needs?  If you are a constant user than you’re going to want to go with Ringcentral fax, which is the power user. Ringcentral fax has many great security features and is partially owned by Cisco and AT & T. It has so many great features. For example, associations with Outlook, Google Drive, DropBox, and best of all you can get a toll-free number. The many security features that would be provided are constructive for businesses or people that want to deliver private and secure information. Of course, for those who aren’t business savvy and just want to send a few faxes, you can sign up for one of their inexpensive plans that start at a great price for under $7 per month, with the luxury to just cancel after a short grace period.

For the occasional faxer/user it is recommended you use MyFax. At a free cost you are able to send up to 10 pages. The best part is if you do end up needing to send more pages you can easily upgrade your plan. In terms of receiving faxes you do unfortunately have to pay, but services like the ones mentioned above. If you’re willing to pay these services will provide you with a phone number for your fax line. But for those who are trying to save some money, luckily Ringcentral offers free trials for up to 30 days. That means 30 days of receiving faxes for free. I think free is everyone’s favourite number.

At the end of it all, there are many fax services you can turn to, and if you’re just the occasional user then you don’t have to sweat it, because it will be free. You could even just consider purchasing your own fax machine, but for the occasional user it’s probably not worth it, plus these days everything is done online, so that means other things become obsolete. Perfect example is music. People don’t buy CDs as often as they used to. The new thing now is purchasing your music online from iTunes, and Google play.

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